is it grown?

It is one of the ideal environments for growing fruits and vegetables in greenhouses. Unlike traditional planting methods, it is designed to achieve high productivity without the use of land. In the current situation, greenhouses are the areas with the most ideal growing conditions. But this alone is not a strong enough factor to get a high-quality product. If it is necessary to get the intended product on time and cleanly, complex measures should be taken inside and around the greenhouse.

Tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and other vegetables are grown in our greenhouse. Because we aim for high quality products, we use biological control methods against diseases and pests. This is done under the control of IPM in the greenhouse. As in Mother Nature, pollination of flowers is carried out by natural bees. Air conditioning is one of the most important things to control in a greenhouse. This work is managed by professionals. By creating a microclimate in the greenhouse, it is ensured that the plant to be grown will yield more per hectare.


The main priority in all areas of “Bine Agro” CJSC's activity is environmental protection. Thus, CO2 released as a result of burning natural gas in the boiler house, which is used to heat the greenhouse during the winter, is captured by special traps and used to accelerate the process of photosynthesis of plants inside the greenhouse.

When packing grown fruits and vegetables, the human factor is minimized. All conditions are created for clean assembly and packaging of the product. The total collected product is first sorted, then packed and loaded. During the packaging, the product is calibrated at the same time, which creates customer satisfaction in people.