The scarcity of fertile soil resources in the world has led to the emergence of landless cultivation. It was first founded in 1930 by William Gericke, a professor at the University of California, England. But cultivation was developed by the Netherlands. The reasons for the emergence of greenhouses in fruit and vegetable growing are as follows

• Soil fertility decline

• Disease, pests and weeds problem

• Too much fertilizer and water use

• Excessive use of gas and energy

The number of fertile lands during traditional cultivation is constantly decreasing. It leads to the destruction of fertile lands, which are already limited in the world. Time and financial issues related to soil fertility are one of the biggest obstacles in the cultivation of fruits and vegetables. As a result of these obstacles, there is a need for landless cultivation in the greenhouse. It is easier to grow fruits and vegetables because there is no need for soil in landless cultivation.

Diseases, pests and weeds have been a major problem when fruits and vegetables are grown in the open fields.High levels of pesticides and herbicides are used to prevent these problems. However, as a result, the problem is not completely eliminated, and at the same time the quality of the product decreases. In the greenhouse condition, these problems are minimized. The indoor environment helps agronomists to control the problems listed above.



At a time when there was a shortage of water in the world, a lot of water and fertilizer were used in traditional outdoor fields. This led to water shortages and soil contamination with fertilizers. However, these problems do not occur because the use of water and fertilizers provided in the greenhouse is only necessary. However, these problems do not occur because the use of water and fertilizers provided in the greenhouse is sufficient.At the same time, fertilizer consumption is reduced to a minimum. As a result, high quality and tasty products are obtained by spending less money.

Gas and energy consumption is one of the leading issues in the cultivation of fruits and vegetables. Due to the fact that the greenhouse is a closed ecosystem, it is possible to save gas and energy completely. At the same time, it is possible to provide the required level of microclimate in the greenhouse. This helps us to minimize high gas and energy consumption.In a greenhouse, it is easier to get a high-quality product because the gas is used properly.