The company "Bina-Agro" LLC has started its activity in the agricultural sector in 2011. In the beginning of its activity company constructed greenhouses in 24 hectares, near the village of Bina, in the suburbs of the capital Baku of Azerbaijan. Following years greenhouse’s areas reached 420,000 sq.m. Greenhouses company designed and built by Hobako Construction LLC. All agricultural events in the greenhouses implemented without the use of hormones and for crop pollination use bees. All our greenhouses use hydroponic watering system, thereby obtaining a high-quality products.  

           The company Bina- Agro MMC applies to its business solely modern technology which provides getting crop of vegetables and fruit, which meets all standards of healthy and wholesome food. The various types of greenhouses constructed for getting of crops of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and other vegetables. The company is engaged in the cultivation of tomatoes in the hands, the piece, cherry and cocktail tomatoes. There are red, orange and yellow peppers grown among pepper varieties. Products produced by Bina-Agro MMC is in demand in many countries, mainly in such as Russia and the UAE, as well as in the European Union. Brand “Bina-Agro” Company is a leader in the agriculture sector of Azerbaijan, the standard of quality and innovation.






Bina - Agro

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